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Welcome to my blog. Where I share my short stories, and random thoughts about things that matter to me. I hope you enjoy.


  • Cloud Illusions – Pt 1
    A very discrete third party had arranged a meeting with the legal team that represented Joachim Rodden. Someone was fully aware that any personal visit to the prison of a jailed anarchist would put them on the radar of the Royal Intelligence Unit. But Emmalyn Grace was quite happy to […]
  • The Intruder – Pt. 3
    Read Time: 5 Mins | Paranormal | Serialized Fiction | Part Three “What can I do for you?” I swallowed hard, and silently uttered a prayer for courage. “No one interfered with our rule.” He began, and suddenly, the room transformed into a different landscape. I was somewhere else, somewhere […]
  • The Benchwarmer Now live on MasticadoresIndia
    “Blessed are the peacemakers.” It’s what he was thinking. He was having a challenging time explaining to his wife what had happened to her new car. A car that he had gifted her two days earlier. A car that was supposed to celebrate seven years of marriage and help smooth […]
  • Visiting Hours – Pt 2
    Read Time: 5 mins | Serial Fiction | Paranormal | Crime | Part Two Teresa returned two hours later but she seemed heavily medicated. Hantz had volunteered at a zoo once and had to assist in pulling a broken tooth from a Bengal Tiger. Teresa looked very much like the […]
  • Low Hanging Fruit – Pt 2
    Read Time: 5 mins | Crime | Investigation | Serial Fiction | Part 2 I stuffed the green flyer in my coat pocket. Something sticky clung to it and I removed my fingers to find that it was strawberry jelly. I licked my fingers as clean as possible, then ran […]

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The purpose of this blog is to give a voice to the situations and the encounters that daily life throws at us. Everyone has a story to tell. Every story has several perspectives. The listener, the reader, the characters, the illustrator and of course the writer all experience these things differently.

I just want to tell the stories in the hope that it resonates. So that your voice, your moment, your link to the world is for that snapshot of eternity, glimpsed within the lines I write.

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