Leave the Blot Alone

Today, my phone accidentally fell out my pocket and I drove over it. Someone witnessed the incident and was kind enough to notify me and return my phone before I drove off. I was about to get angry and annoyed, when I remembered something my teacher told me years ago, “Leave the blot alone.”

Back in the day…okay, let start this again. Way back in the day, when I was about eight years old, I was taught how to write with a fountain pen. It is a messy exercise at the best of times, and for a clumsy 8-year-old, it was very messy indeed. If you are old enough, you would remember how many times the ink would blot not only the paper, but also your fine clothing.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope

Martin Luther King

I would become very frustrated and flustered. The blotting paper would work well enough to stop the ink from spreading, but the blot would still be there, ruining my well-crafted lettering. I would try anything to remove that ink blot, only to eventually tear a hole in the page. My teacher would always say, “Leave the blot alone, as you are only making things worse.” He was right of course. The ink blot was only terrible in the moment; on that one line; in that one sentence.  Some would call it art. In fact, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Leonardo da Vinci, are just some of the few, incredibly famous artists, who made a fortune experimenting with what I called my messes.

So, I looked at my phone with its screen all crushed and bruised, and I smiled. At least I got it back. The screen could be replaced or repaired eventually.

Do not stress the things that you cannot control. There are more important things in life, to life, and for life. Leave the blot alone.

3 responses to “Leave the Blot Alone”

  1. I love this analogy.

    Great life lesson for us all.


  2. kimboleybynggmailcom Avatar

    This deeply resonated with me ! Omg… life is filled with so many BLOTS! Sometimes, leaving them alone is a journey, and a learning experience ! Thanks


    1. welcome. Even the stains are part of the growth process


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