Guest Author: Vanesa Pizzuto

Sometimes unlearning makes me feel like a little girl again. Like I am getting new shoes because I outgrew the old ones, so proud and giddy. Other times, however, it’s like discovering there is a piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

I was wrong all along. And everyone could see it! I want to dig a hole and become a mole…

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life, is to Unlearn what is Untrue

– Antisthenes

Sometimes I unlearn gradually. Like winter surrenders to spring, I slowly give way to the vivifying current of sap. Other times, it’s the courtesy of a single reality slap. And whether I am filled with amazement at what lies ahead, or fear at the safety I leave behind, I am beginning to recognize that it’s the process that counts.

Life is not about being right. It’s about remaining courageous and pliable. Like a wave, I will rise to fall and fall to rise. I will never fully arrive, but I can create remarkable beauty in the process.

Vanesa Pizzuto is a freelance journalist and broadcaster living in London. She is slightly addicted to dark chocolate and cacti -but thankfully not together! As a Latina abroad, she will hug you if you give her a chance. Vanesa loves books, fresh ginger tea and breaking into song, like in a cheesy musical. You can see her full portfolio HERE at contently.

One response to “Unlearning”

  1. We need to unlearn somethings in order to grow.
    Nicely written 👌

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