Someone Stole my Cookies

I Love cookies. Well, I use to at least. Since my bout with Covid, I have yet to regain my appreciation for my favorite thing. I’m not going to lie, it was (hopefully still is) an addiction.

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Food addiction is real. Just like people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or porn… some of us like food. The unhealthy kind. I have a friend, who could make several cookies last through an apocalypse, mine would be finished before I left the store. She would always say “just have one Nygee” … sweet lord, that person has real issues.

I was sent to a nutritionist when I was 15 years old, the doctor was concerned about me being 241lbs, and good old mumsy, who had fattened me up all those years like a prized pig, thought it was time I got my weight under control. My diet suddenly became bowls of greens, and bowls of fruits, small portions of what looked like rabbit food. Urgh!! The inhumanity!

“Love ceases to be a demon, only when it ceases to be a God.”

Denis De Rougemont

The nutritionist explained to me, that the processed foods I craved, such as cookies (I blame the cookie monster) and sodas affected my brain just like cocaine, influencing my neurotransmitters and giving me a temporary high. It was obviously the lesser of two evils in my opinion – a crack head, or a cookie monster – but I had a problem. I said it was like a bad angel on my shoulder; one I really loved. Her profound response: “it will always be a demon on your shoulder, until you stop treating it like a God.”

It wasn’t until the age of 30 that I started to address my weight concerns. I topped the scale at over 360 lbs., and the doctor said I was prediabetic. It has been an interesting journey. But I could never address that demon on my shoulder, not until Covid took away my appreciation for sweet stuff. Out of the ashes, comes something positive, I guess.

3 responses to “Someone Stole my Cookies”

  1. You go Nigel
    God blessings little brother

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  2. Don’t worry, cookie love will come back in time. I also lost my appetite after covid but it’s back. Enjoyed reading this!☺️

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    1. Thank you..I do miss my cookies lol


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