Downtime Conundrum

This week I have been trying to ensure that I maintain a level of productivity where my writing is concerned. When I have several projects ongoing, I tend to have my days well structured. My only allowance for down time is on Wednesdays when I am so exhausted, that my brain would be an uncooperative walnut in my head.

Lose no time. Be always employed in something useful. Cut off all unnecessary actions.

Benjamin Franklinon Industry
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Yesterday I recognized a disturbing pattern; if I have no plan, I don’t produce anything. A typical mid-week siesta. This needed adjusting. Even downtime could be productive; rest IS productive. Yet even when I run, I have active-recovery days. Why not with my writing?

On the weekend, I usually schedule blocks of time for writing. Typically, they are about 2.5 hours in length with thirty-minute breaks in between to rest my eyes. Lunch time is two hours, to cater for taking care of personal stuff or taking a nap. But the middle of the week, I fall off the wagon.

I am notorious for being that person who goes to bed early just to arise earlier. Usually at three in the morning I am wide awake, having some alone time with God, journaling, or taking notes, and by four thirty I am out the door for a short run before heading to work. Yes, like most writers, I too have a fulltime job.

Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve.

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin was no slouch, and I have often referred to his methods for increased productivity and applied them to my own life. I posted a copy of his daily schedule below. He found time to do and achieve so much in twenty-four hours. Why not me?

I have resolved to create a plan for my Wednesdays. It will still have a lot of downtime, because rest is very important, but I will ensure that some part of the day is spent improving my craft.

You can get a copy of Benjamin Franklins autobiography here.

How do you stay productive even on your day off?

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