Writing is Life

It has been one of those weeks. Just a lot of work, and no blogging. I did manage some writing though. A few hours in total, stolen during lunch breaks, and sitting in traffic. I realize I can take a ton of notes and story ideas when I get stuck in traffic. I get up early in the morning and work on pending projects, but the real fun in my writing is short fiction. I’ll have to become a weekend writing warrior.

I have been listening to a lot of audio books lately, as time for casual reading just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Its so important to nurture my creativity, and feed my mind with great ideas. Social media, it’s annoying but necessary. Running, is must, as it keeps my mind healthy, and I need the exercise. And of course, there is the nine to five. A necessary evil. But writing is life… I love being able to just spend time creating stories, or worlds. Maybe its just escapism, but I love it. I envy people who live the life of a fulltime writer. One day….one day.

5 responses to “Writing is Life”

  1. Having started out as a freelance writer, years ago, I really identified with what you said. Great post.

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    1. Thank you👍… Hopefully will get more writing done tomorrow.


  2. A lot of things can eat into your writing time, I can relate.
    I like the sound of “weekend writing warrior”

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    1. It’s the only way for me to get any writing done.. thanks for the comment.


      1. You’re welcome


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