In the quiet

Sometimes you just need to hear yourself think. Social media can me so loud. I needed to take a break from it for a while. I have been working on several writing projects, and doing some editing on my novel. As a result I had not posted on my blog for two weeks. That is inexcusable.

But I needed that absence, those few days of silence. I am not as a creative when I am distracted by so much. For some people its easy to function in the chaos, and the noise. For me, in my head is where the bulk of the work takes place. I need to be in the moment, in character, breathing, living what I am about to create. So I have been writing… a lot. Together with Johnny, my artist and dear friend, we have been putting together some stuff for October, that I hope people will enjoy.

We try to keep our projects relevant, and meaningful to us. We are always hesitant to tackle divisive issues, but art must be allowed to speak to these sensitivities, in a way that is fair and truthful. As such, I needed time to think, time to research. It was healthy and productive.

I will be more active in the coming weeks and days, updating my stories and my social media as I go along. October promises to be fun… even though the stories may be a bit dark.

4 responses to “In the quiet”

  1. Waiting for October 🤞
    Good day.


    1. Yessir… Good day to you as well

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  2. Glad to hear that your break from social media was healthy and productive. Maybe there are people who thrive in social media, but I’m like you — breaks of quiet are really helpful.


    1. Yes they are. I truly needed a full break, but I’ll take what I can get

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