Steppingstone to Cornerstone

I like writing in my journal. Not every single day, but at key moments when there is something worth chronicling for my memoirs. Yes, I do intend to write my memoirs one day as I believe everyone has a story worth telling. This weekend I was reading something I had written, only a few lines, from about 3 years ago, while reminiscing on something my sister had told me. She had said to me in 2013, “the steppingstone becomes the corner stone.” That day in my journal, I had been wrestling with something negative someone had told me, and the words my sister had spoken came to my mind.

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place

Lao tzu

She and I had been conversing years prior, during one of my low moments before she had died, about my writing and my journey in this life. I had grown tired of being rejected by people, ignored, shunned, passed over in areas of my life, where society has set the markers that measure success. Yet she did not seem the least bothered. She saw my potential, and she understood that success did not happen overnight. That not everyone’s path to the summit is the same. Not everyone comes out the starting blocks like Usain Bolt, and not everyone peaks at the same rate. Some people are driven, motivated and burn bright early on, with a trajectory that seems star studded and destined for the limelight. Others are the slow burners. They appear to be failures at love; at careers… at life. Always starting but never finishing.

Then one day, they hit their stride. All the hiccups, the near misses, the false starts, the rejections that never phased them, had been preparing them for something greater. Something more fulfilling that merited their skillset and made the fullest use of all their latent talents. The stone that the builders rejected, becoming the cornerstone of something monumental.

There are people who see your potential. People who see your true value more than you sometimes see for yourself. I lost a couple of those people the last month, their time had come. Perhaps that is why I was reflecting in my journal. We press on with our plans, with our purpose, with our passion. If it is something you cannot let go of, then it is worth pursuing. Not everyone is going to appreciate what drives you or propels you toward a certain path, but do not let that phase you nor deter you. Press On.

6 responses to “Steppingstone to Cornerstone”

  1. Thanks. Was having a ‘ why isn’t it happening despite etc etc ‘, moment . This helped. Will press on. 😊

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    1. Aww.. you made my morning. Glad it rejuvenated you🙏

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  2. Your motivation comes from within. That’s all it takes.
    I wish you all the best on this journey.

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    1. It does indeed. Thank you much.

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  3. So true my friend. I appreciate what you said and we all set our goals and get there, God willing, at different paces. Hugs 🤗 to you and your loved ones. Joni

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