Gentle Reminders

I needed to see @jonicggiano writing her latest piece on her blog Inner Child, to remind me that there are some things that just don’t go away. It is too early on a Sunday morning to discuss these issues, but I will revisit it at some point when I have gathered my thoughts. You should click on the link to read the story. It is a well written short story that was also published on MasticadoresIndia.

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For those who are wondering; I have not given up on writing. I took a hiatus from blogging to focus on completing my manuscript. It felt like I had been locked away in a cave hibernating. But there is purpose in isolation, and progress is made when you dedicate and commit time to a project. By God’s grace a publisher asked for a full manuscript submission as well, so fingers crossed it leads to me finally becoming a published author. But everything in God’s timing.

That also required a gentle reminder. I had woken up stressed out about the query letters that we send as writers, and the many rejections that are sent in response, or no response at all. It does get under your skin, no matter how many you get. So, at 2AM I walk to my kitchen as sleep was no longer playing nicely, and the little note on my fridge says, ‘God is always in Control, stop stressing.’

It was all I needed to see.

I am back blogging. Hopefully much more consistently as I still have other ongoing projects that demand my time and pays the bills. But I am back.

6 responses to “Gentle Reminders”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Nigel. It’s a story that needs to be told and shared. So many mute themselves and the suffering never goes away. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Just keep going! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Terveen… Need all the luck in the world.
      As for the short story; These are issues that are close to my heart, so thanks for giving Joni the platform to share her story. I was happy to promote it as well. Just doing my part. Promise I’ll write something for you soon

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      1. Thanks a lot, Nigel. I’ll be looking forward to that. 🙂

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  2. Hi Nigel, thank you for your sweet reblog. I just found it in that folder where things often get unseen. This was very kind of you. Just read your lovely post and I wanted to congratulate you on the publisher asking for your manuscript. That is very exciting and a great sign. I know what it is like getting all those rejections and the time it takes to send things to publishers. I once spent eight hours working on all the requirements from the publisher including my CV which they asked for as well.

    It is a blessing that you find so much encouragement from God. Terveen is so kind as she said, “Just keep going.” Don’t give up. I have never published my first two books as I did grow weary of all the rejections. I believe in the power of prayer and I just said a prayer for you and your message to be heard. Blessings to you Nigel and thanks again. Have a wonderful week and a blessed one. Hugs, Joni

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    1. That might kind of you. I’ve been writing a long time. And like you I’ve been tempted to give up on old manuscripts. But I believe that God has a plan for it it’ll happen..
      Don’t give up on your dreams of being a novelist.
      I believe in the power of prayer.
      Opportunities will.arise, and you better be ready.
      Don’t give up on

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      1. You are so thoughtful to give me such a sweet and encouraging comment. I too am a big believer in God as well. Of course you are right, God does have a plan for all of us. I do have a book that I published prior to writing my poetry on my blog. I promise not to give up on writing my story. Big hugs and blessings. Thank you for your kindness. 🦋❤️🦋🙏

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