Coming Attractions

Last Thursday I had a day out with my great nieces and nephews. They’re a rowdy bunch; fiercely independent, creative and funny. I enjoy seeing their chaos in all it’s glory. I’m not the parent; I’m the uncle that gets to wind them up and watch the tornado of youthful enthusiasm run riot.

I love kids… their imagination seems limitless. Spending any amount of time with them makes you feel young again.  At the worst, it reminds you that you’re getting old.

I was reflecting on what caused this; this moment where uncle and nephew bonded and became best of pals for a few hours. We were at the Robert Frost Science Museum and I had lifted him above my shoulders so he could touch the tank that contained the hammerhead shark.

You could see his eyes light up in that instant. That moment when his imagination sparked to life, and his augmented reality was in that realm where a child’s erratic creativity goes into overdrive. He beamed when the Hammerhead swam directly over us, and you could feel his heart rate slow to the pace of pure wonder and amazement.

For the rest of the day, Charles was empowered, charming, talkative, curious… bursting at the seams with energy.

I had tapped into something. Something that we all possess when we unharness ourselves from the little fences we build into our worlds. For a child, their imagination takes them into an infinite universe of possibilities; a world of what’s next, like previewing coming attractions at the movies. It made me rummage through my stacks of writing projects, and dust off a few unfinished concepts.

As adults, we sometimes forget that imagination sparks our creativity. When was the last time you daydreamed? What’s on your horizon? What’s your coming attraction?

6 responses to “Coming Attractions”

  1. A very thoughtful post and especially liked the closing para. Set me thinking.😊🦋

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    1. Anything I can do to inspire you


  2. I have often wondered at what point in time do children lose that wonderful unaccounted and freely given, imagination? I think spending time with them and asking them questions and answering them like they are much smarter than they may be is one of the best things I ever did for my daughter. Sounds like you are good company for them.

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    1. I think they’re good company for me.. lol. I ask myself the same thing quite a lot. I struggle to write for children. Yet they are constantly amused by everything we do as adults. Maybe it’s just simply seeing with new eyes.


  3. This is a beautiful post I liked very much.

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