All Streams flow into the Ocean

We live in a world where we glorify the stars. It appears to us as though they were overnight successes and geniuses. But that is simply dishonest. A lot of our celebrities have put in the hard graft to catch their break. Their opportunity finally collided with their preparation, and they hit that stream of success…That tide in the affairs of men that leads on to fortune.   

“All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power”

Lao Tzu

Success takes time. Sometimes we rush head first into situations, happy to just be on the move. We’re like The Flash on steroids. But life doesn’t always ‘flow’ like that. Everyone loves to sing the praises of the butterfly and disrespect the work of the caterpillar, to put my own spin on the song ‘Caterpillar’ by Royce Da 5’9” and Eminem.

Our lives are more akin to the flow of a river. We experience bends and turns; we expand as we encounter other sources of similar energy; we will shrink and trickle depending on what setbacks life throws at us; and of course, we will at every stage of our existence, be adding to the enriching of the lives of those around us. There is a humility that comes with the pursuit of success, even though it isn’t the attribute we associate most easily with successful people.

We all have the power to carve and

change our landscape.

We all have the power to carve and change our landscape.  This of course, all depends on us being of the mindset that we are to be continually in motion. Every day we are to seek some aspect of progress, some aspect of development that challenges and changes us to be better versions of ourselves… and it usually means just doing the little things that will eventually lead to these big changes.

Just like rivers, no two people are alike. No two paths are the same, even though they may look very similar. So, stop comparing yourself to others. Of course, there are tried and tested formulas to success that work, but you are still carving your own path in this life. Consult with a mentor, seek guidance, but you are the one who is running this race called life. Remember, results are never instantaneous. Some people get to their destination sooner than others. So, be patient with yourself… Pace yourself…  slow down, speed up, make a couple detours, but whatever you do, just keep moving.

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August 2022
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