Snatching lightening from the sky

Before Franklin invented the lightening rod, the superstition of the day decided the best way to ward off vengeful omnipotence, was by ringing church bells that were sprinkled with water from the Jordan River. Its sounds silly… okay it sounds downright stupid. The outcry from those who sincerely believed that he was tempting the wrath of God was profound. He was challenging something that was grounded in faith, and belief systems. Public anger against this man who appeared to be trying to defend humanity from ‘divine attacks’ led to accusations of blasphemy. Someone even declared that his actions were impious. He was a venturing into the unknown, and people were uncomfortable and fearful with what this could mean.

We do not like the feeling of being untethered. But change only occurs when we step out of our comfort zone.

Every change in our path brings with it the unknown as it requires a step away from the familiar, and that in and of itself is quite scary to us. We run the gauntlet of scenarios, most of which are motivated by the negative voices in our heads, and it paralyses us. We do not like the feeling of being untethered. Our realities are grounded in what is habitual. We love the routine of our daily lives and change is not a part of the routine.

Progress takes us out of our comfort zone. It challenges the status quo, and it can be awkward, but it is necessary. Many of us recognize that a change is worth it or inevitable, but we are so fearful that we prolong our own struggles. The longer we stay in a situation, it is the longer that the situation will persist. Avoiding or resisting change only makes the situation worse.

While transformation can be uncertain, risky, uncomfortable for many reasons, we cannot allow it to imperil our progress. We are meant to keep growing, keep progressing. Either as a society, or as individuals, we need to take the opportunity that life presents us to snatch lightning from the sky. You won’t know until you take that chance to make that change.

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August 2022
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