Early Bird and the Worm

This morning I got up excited to go on my run. But what would have been 6 miles of glorious isolation, turned into a 45-minute power-walk. People always ask me why it is I get up so early. Part of the reason is I go to bed rather early the night before, but the true purpose has to do with my writing.

One of the magazines I enjoy writing for is based in Australia, and several other publications I consult with are based in Europe. That five-to-fourteen-hour time difference means I must be up early to get noticed, to catch the opportunities that may present themselves. The early bird catches the worm is what they say.

Sometimes, catching the worm, means the bird must make a few sacrifices.

This morning, as I was getting all laced up and doing my warmup routine, my phone buzzed. An email came through from someone in Australia. A piece I had submitted last night before going to bed had been accepted, but they needed me to rewrite a part of the article within a few hours, so that it could make it to print for their next issue. I could not neglect the offer.

A small part of me was quietly disappointed. Running is my get away from it all, my way of getting my head in a good space for the day ahead, just as writing is my form of escapism and a necessary part of my daily existence. Sometimes, catching the worm, means the bird must make a few sacrifices. I missed my run window, but exercise is still very much important, so I went out and did 3 miles of walking anyway.

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September 2022
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