Sparks of Destiny

The old folks would tell me, that if I dream of lightening, it’s a sign of change that’s coming my way. Yesterday, as I arrived at the park for my morning run, there was this epic lightening display just over the park. I wonder what that meant?

I observed it with wonder. There is something majestically frightful with such heavenly displays of power. I took the word of the old wives for granted. Maybe change was coming my way. God was speaking. It is written that the heavens declare his glory, so I took it as God’s chosen method of conversing with all who wanted to pay attention.

Lightening over West Palm Beach

When I got home, a friend messaged me from a conference in Europe which she was attending. She said that a project I had contributed to was just launched, and the editor had read an expect such an endorsement, I was just happy to even be invited to contribute to the project.

Interestingly, ‘goosebumps’ was the word he had used to describe the feeling he experienced after reading the first two paragraphs of my submission. I was humbled. I do not consider myself a fabulous writer. Quite frankly, I am amazed by everyone else’s writing. I am forever a student, and always eager to read everyone’s projects but my own.

Writing this post this morning, as always from my car in the parking lot, I thought about the lightening storm. Something was changing in my universe. Destiny moves at her own pace. Everything happens when God has ordained that it should… (if you believe in such things)… But it’s not a matter of sitting idly, waiting for “it” to happen.

As writers, we put in the work, we perfect our craft, we indulge in the passion of the daydream, then putting that into words so others can share the same experience. We live for the moment when our writing is appreciated… Not necessarily the fame or the kudos. We just want to tell the stories that move us… And sometimes, just sometimes, they become the sparks that shape our destiny.

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October 2022
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