Vision… they can be delusional at times. The eyes of faith behold what isn’t there, doesn’t show you the path, doesn’t give you a heads-up that it’s going to be a trek across a desert, fighting your demons and the plans of the enemy to deter you or steal your joy.

Joseph had a dream as a young man, of his brothers bowing before him. The eyes of faith didn’t show him the years in prison on trumped up charges, wearing the armbands of a slave, the property of a monarch he never knew. But he believed in the vision.

When Abraham was shown a promised land, he set out by faith. He didn’t know what lay ahead, the sojourn in Egypt, the encounters with divinity, watching an entire kingdom be destroyed in apocalyptic scenes, the birth of a son, the seedling of many nations.

Visionssometimes God shows you the end of a dream, before he gives you it’s beginnings.

I often wonder if the road I’m on, is ordained. How much of the detours are self inflicted? How much of the successes are my own? Though the path of a righteous man is ordered by God, you will be required to put in a very long grind. Because it’s ordained doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Nothing’s handed to you.

But be an honest witness; haven’t ALL your desires and wants been granted in the things God has ordained?

Visions… the end of a thing, is sweeter than it’s beginnings.

Merry Christmas everybody.

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  1. Very profound words. Indeed to reach our goals it’s takes hard work and perseverance. Obstacles will always present themselves, but it’s how these obstacles are perceived and how individuals manage / work with them🙏🏾

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