Fool me…

One of the blessings of fate allowing you to struggle and go through difficulties, is the experience that you gain from it. People are complex, constantly evolving creatures, who are hopefully becoming wiser as they get older. I am hinting, that some people change for the better…eventually. But I think there are instances, where in our dealings with certain people, there are harsh lessons which are meant never to be forgotten.

Fool me once

Shame on me

This isn’t about holding a grudge or being resentful. I am all about forgiveness. But if we do not learn from our mistakes, we are prone to repeat them. An old scholar who my father read daily, once said that “they [our trials] make us the more careful and circumspect afterwards” and rightly so… at least they should.

You must know your boundaries in this life. If you allow yourself to be defined by others as a doormat, don’t complain when they choose to walk all over you. Sadly, some of us never learn. You can only fool me once. Once my eyes have been opened, it means I am only fooling myself.

2 responses to “Fool me…”

  1. So true Nigel and what a wonderful post. I do believe our trials help us to learn many lessons. You are also right about people running all over us. We have to set healthy boundaries. Great post my friend. Blessing, to you. 🙏


    1. Thanks for the feedback Joni..sorry I took so long to respond. Setting healthy boundaries are a struggle for many people, but it is so very necessary.


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