Theatre of the mind

Sunday morning runs set the tone for the week. I went to bed last night all stressed out and woke up brimming with anxieties. I spend a lot of time talking to myself when running, especially on distance runs. I don’t have many friends willing to wake up at 3:30 in the morning… nor a lot of friends who enjoy running. So, it has been a solitary pursuit that has become a coping mechanism for my moods, as well as to help me with my health and fitness goals.

This morning it was raining. The kind of squally rain, with strong winds, that slaps you sideways and pisses you off. Then there are always the drivers coming home from clubbing or a late night at work, who think it’s a good idea to either swerve at you, or slow down and engage in conversation. Sweet Lord, the devil knows how to get under your skin.

Run angry, run long.

Run hard, run strong.

Let your mood be reflected in the lyrics of a song.

The theatre of the mind is where the war in on.

Take a pause and be reminded,

If you cannot obey yourself, you will be commanded.

No magic wand, no one to hold your hand.

You determine your success… simply take a stand.

Copyright Nigel Byng 2023

I finally stopped and changed my play list. Something hardcore, something angry. Running is mostly in the mind. I despise the feeling of being a quitter… I detest the very thought that I could defeat myself with negative thinking. Nietzsche said, “he who cannot obey himself, will be commanded.” I ran hard… I ran angry. At mile three, the words to the short poem above came to my mind. I hope you like it, and it inspires you.

Have a great week.

4 responses to “Theatre of the mind”

  1. I use to run like the wind when I was little. Now with a water skiing injury and three disc fusion which is very old, I can only do weights and ride a recumbent bike. It sounds so nice when people talk about running but not in the rain and the wind. You are a very disciplined athlete, I admire your conviction. Your poem was uplifting Nigel. I hope tomorrow when you take your run the weather will be better, have a blessed weekend my friend. Big hugs, Joni


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