Cupid took me for a ride.

This thing called love… sigh

They say that real love is blind

But it don’t make sense to me.

Everyday when I unwind,

I replay all these vivid memories

They’ve fermented with time

In this mental distillery.

I heard letting go is sublime

But it feels a lot like a lobotomy

You say that I whine

I say am deconstructing my tragedies

True love was my crime

Now my heart’s in the penitentiary

I’m doing my time

Paying my debts to society

That says real love’s enshrined

In the essence of pure humanity

I feel like a mime

This stuff isn’t real to me

True love severs your spine

You’re dependent on reciprocity

I’ve elevated my mind

And altered my emotional trajectory

Now when I tell you I’m fine

Please don’t question my sanity

© Nigel Byng 2023 All rights reserved

7 responses to “Cupid took me for a ride.”

  1. […] Cupid took me for a ride. […]


  2. What a lovely poem! Well penned 👌


  3. "Now when I tell you I’m fine

    Please don’t question my sanity"

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      1. Right! Because in the mist of it, we are definitely not fine lol damn cupid!

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      2. Yeah at some point you draw the line in the sand, and make that adjustment..good or bad.

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  4. “… deconstructing my tragedies.” 👏🏿


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