It Rumbled and Cracked

The earth rumbled and cracked, so many lives taken
They claim it’s an act of God but why are they his forsaken
Speaking solace is a conundrum
When the death toll is in the tens of thousands
What lies of comfort do we tell the grieving widows and orphans
The earth rumbled and cracked, science has an explanation
Every word sounds cruel, silence and a hug are my preferred consolations.
We’d help you rebuild, won’t leave you in isolation
won’t pretend to know how you feel in this situation
All the world sees is miles of utter destruction
Yet a flower blooms, Amid the ruins, silence..the heroes could come too soon.
The few survivors is the only gift that hope is offering
The inspiration to keep the rescuers going.
The earth rumbled and cracked, it rumbled and cracked.

© Nigel Byng 2023 All Rights Reserved

The earthquake in the border regions of Turkey and Syria is absolutely heartbreaking. As the news begins to fade from the headlines, the countries are calling off the rescue operations. The death toll is unfathomable.

Search and Rescue operations may be coming to an end, but for many of the survivors the to rebuild their lives, and start all over again begins, and they will need our help. If you are able to give, please feel free to do so via a reputable charitable organization of your choice.

I have supported ADRA and the Red Cross over the years, for their invaluable work they perform across the world. I have provided a link to their websites.


7 responses to “It Rumbled and Cracked”

  1. Wow, Nigel – this is excellent!


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    1. Thanks you sir… I’m paying attention and learning from you lot. Long ways to go

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      1. Your voice is awesome just as it is ❤


      2. Thanks David… That means a lot.

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  2. I got here thru Joni’s blog and i am happy to read your works… well done..we pray together for Turkey🙏

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    1. Thank you for following. Joni is a trooper..very kind and supportive sis and very talented. I appreciate and love your writing. Thanks again taking the time to read my work. It’s always appreciated.

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      1. Thank you 🌹❤️


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