The Singularity

Art © Johnathan Mc Daniels, used with permission.

When the world goes crazy, and attacks everything that is sacred to me
Like cracks on the wall that threaten our structural integrity
Here, no matter the where or the when, we can suspend and defy, for this is our singularity
For my family, and all that means the world to me, this here home is your sanctuary

My friend Johnny McDaniels who endures my harassment when I pick his brains for creative ideas, is a fabulous artist. He loves doing expressionist art, and he is a student/fan of Rothko, Pollock, De Kooning. He is also a big fan of sci-fi. For the years I’ve grown to know him, I have come to understand that he’s a man deeply committed to his wife, his kids, and his faith.

Johnny’s art reflects his moods, and the things that are most important to him. He tries to express his deepest emotions on canvas. Occasionally he’d share a project, and I’d give my very uninformed opinions, mostly regarding the aesthetic appeal.. but sometimes his art touches a nerve. This piece did.

I offered to do one short poem for it, and he agreed. In this acrylic on Canvas, The Singularity, I saw all that was sacred to Johnny. His peace, his faith, the security of his family, the chaos of his past, his determination to be a man of integrity, and where he goes to find his centre. It also plays on both our love of scifi.

I am glad he allowed me to share it to the world, for I know it holds a special place in his universe. I think everyone can relate to it.

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February 2023
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