I was here

I was here, once upon a time when silver linings stretched across the horizon at dawn, and pregnant sunsets summoned me to slumber.
The daily rebuke before bedtime for the chores I could never remember.

Fully replayed on the morrow, when the first sprinkles of summer rains spoiled the neat blanket of a cocoyea swept yard,

late into the evening when fireflies would ruin my chances of winning at hide n seek, and mosquitos repaid my kindness in pimpled scars.

I’d do it again before the crack of dawn ripped the clouds asunder,
when the frosted morning air would ask for my signature on mist-coated banana leaves,
and dew-soaked grass would dampen the hem of my pajama legs and sleeves.
Elvis, the rooster would reprove me for stealing his thunder.

I’d do it all again, and never tire.
Writing reams of my dreams on the stony edges of cold streams.
Or playing marbles on bended knees, flying kites on an evening breeze
And watching them die on the telephone wire.

I was here, once upon a time,
when the room reverberated with children’s laughter
and grown-ups still spoke only in whispers.
Oh, do tell me Mrs. Spider of what they so mischievously conspire?
I’d do it all again, for I was here once upon a time
Listening to nursery rhymes
Or scampering outside as soon as I heard the ice cream truck’s chimes
Every day an adventure, rain or shine.
For I was here once upon a time.

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March 2023
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