Pay Per View

Art by Johnny McDaniels

Diamonds and roses
Somebody even proposes
I got a frozen bag of beans
And one hundred excuses
Locked in a room half the time
Today I was punched because I complained he had missed valentine’s

My twisted bloody nose
Is my wilted rose
I smile while I serve him breakfast
Only three more doses to go
For months he’d been complaining
Doc says his kidneys were failing
It was great news it meant my plan was working
Murder in the first, this my freedom in the making.

What do you mean why didn’t I say something?
You bloody try screaming while experiencing a private lynching.
You turned a blind eye, ‘cause he was your friend and a brother
Gossip about me while excusing his messed up behavior.
But every time it happened don’t think I didn’t see you
The first to your window, like it was pay per view.

Oh if my screams had a qualified and honest interpreter
But the only witness was you, my uncaring neighbor.
Fled for my life jumping through the window pane
Pled for your help but it was all in vain.
You deserve all you get from what I observe,
A good wife should be seen and never heard.
That was the sympathy offered, the first time I was nearly murdered
Though I stood naked and bruised in front of you from my waist to my shoulder.

But since then I’ve been executing well
Premeditated murder, yes I’m guilty as hell.
He once had hands fast like lighting
Now his movement was slowing.
I know, because yesterday my counterpunch surprised him
He hesitated a bit, then grabbed a broom stick
Three swings which all missed, then I broke his ribs
He can’t go to the cops
To report that his wife caught him with a right uppercut
They’d laugh him to scorn
You aint a man you’re a unicorn
It’s just a lucky punch, I’ll find you outside
No fool, I’m leaving you,
But you’ll be the sole witness to your grisly homicide.

One response to “Pay Per View”

  1. I know parts of this story, but mine did not end in his homicide. Proud of my younger self who walked away. It’s not an easy feat.


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