Choosing faith over fame

When the question arises in the mind of an athlete over a political, social or religious position which may conflict with their beliefs, it can be a very unforgiving proposition. As I was writing this piece, my memory was jarred by the story of Carlos Roa, the Argentinian goalie who played in the 1998 World Cup.

To continue reading, you can visit here or click on the picture. This was a piece I wrote for Signs of The Times Magazine in Australia, leading up to the 2021 FIFA World Cup. I hope you enjoy.

Refusing to compromise on your faith is a tough ask. Christians would cite specific Bible passages to justify such a stance. MosesJoseph and Daniel are three biblical characters who were all placed in compromised situations that tested their resolve to their religious creed, and they notably chose faith over glory. 

4 responses to “Choosing faith over fame”

  1. I read it Nigel and i must say i am very impressed by how you wrote it.

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    1. Thank you Michelle. I enjoyed being part of that project pre-world cup. Thanks for the feedback.

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      1. I can imagine the amount of time you spent writing that. …

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      2. I love football. Always have. But writing articles come with so many “boundaries” had to get creative. But I’m glad someone enjoyed it.

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