The Girl from Southall is now live on MasticadoresIndia

The Girl From Southall

“Ignorance is an incredibly confident state of delusion. It is a lesson I need to learn.” I was scolding myself on my way home.

I had been naïve. And my shallow, limited, immature view of people had exposed me to a very harsh reality. I guess the speed of globalization had unconsciously stirred to the surface, the narrow-mindedness of the society I lived in. Those were the thoughts that were percolating in my head after a long day at work, in which my Polish boss, reminded me, a West Indian, that I was an immigrant and replaceable. “Many more on that boat where you came from.” Everyone had laughed, including me, but I was smarting from the insult.

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  1. I just read it there…its beautiful

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    1. Oh thank you Michelle. 💕

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