If you didn’t want my opinion…

As I was writing this, I remembered a conversation my big brother had with my mother. He had been dating a young lady for a while and asked my mother what she thought of the two of them getting married.

My mother, without missing a beat responded, “Oh dear lord, neither of you could help each other.”

The response elicited laughter from the rest of us, because it was totally out of character, but so brutally honest. Sometimes, savage honesty saves us from a lifetime of heartache. The following poem is called Fatherly Advice.

Fatherly Advice

Rudderless, and spineless

For a man without conviction

life is pointless.

He’s gullible, unanswerable.

Fallacies are his dreams, he’s lamentable.

All his words are farcical,

He cannot commit to anything, he’s whimsical.

His morality lacks a compass,

And he’s the epitome of the capricious.

Such a man always falters,

He will forever be a lamb to the slaughter.

Can’t man-up so he places his head in the sand,

You cannot build a life with such a man.

Some parents can be awfully, and devastatingly frank. All she asked was “What do you think of my new boyfriend daddy?”

Happy Sunday Guys

8 responses to “If you didn’t want my opinion…”

  1. Lol😄😄😄 i could only imagine the reaction of your brother hearing your mom’s answer/opinion…and the poem is so on point.


    1. girl… it was hilarious. we still laugh about it to this day. Thank you so much for the feedback Mich

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  2. Sometimes that brutal honesty is necessary. And our parents are the best ones to do it.

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    1. Agreed 💯 🤣. Thank you

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  3. Always listen to your mother, always listen to grandma. They have saw enough to know. Some men, some women. Ain’t nice. I enjoyed this topic my friend.

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    1. Thank you John. 💪

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      1. You are welcome my friend.

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  4. Honesty is good, but doesn’t help you to be popular, lol
    later in life they might see some value in it, inshallah


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