Farewell Old Friends

I remember when we used to day dream as kids all the time
At the playground after school, thinking life would be just fine
But our paths diverged and you chose a life of crime
Now the last memory I have of you is a chalk outline

You weren’t the last of my friends who chose the way of the outlaw
Most of the lads followed you, now they’re also no more
Drive-bys, and botched robberies, public shootouts with the police
Lived and died by the sword, those were preventable tragedies

Now I visit your sons, these cats are all grown men.
Living the life we dreamt of all the way back when.
Your daughters are educators, generational movers and shakers
They are the real deal, like the showtime Lakers.
Your kids have achieved so much, but I can’t give you credit
Their success ain’t your legacy, this was all on their own merit

I had to flee this mess, give this life my best
So I never got to lay any of you guys to rest
Now I’m here at your graveside, and I have no regrets
But for the memory of our friendship, I must pay my last respects.

© Nigel Byng 2023 All Rights Reserved

8 responses to “Farewell Old Friends”

  1. Nicely written, we process one way or another about all the tragedies of life, what better way to do it than writing. I’m glad you got out, some don’t make it out and some get left behind. Thanks for taking me on your journey.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, and leave a wonderful comment. It’s all true what I wrote about. Just wanted to pay tribute to the lads. Have a great day

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  2. This is so heartbreaking Nigel…💔 but i love the narrative of their kids being successful and this line “Your kids have achieved so much, but I can’t give you credit
    Their success ain’t your legacy, this was all on their own merit”…so true.

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    1. Thank you Michelle. I wrote this after thinking about some of my friends. A visit home last year, brought home the reality that I’ve lost a lot of em. But their kids, wow… The kids are thriving despite it all.

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      1. I applaud children who never allow their parents failures and shortcomings dictate the kind of life they will have.


      2. Yes they are indeed powerful kids. I’m so proud of them


  3. So touching, and so true!


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