Here’s the thing about redemption
It’s not about being given an exemption
A price has to be paid for your insurrection
If it ain’t you, then who gets your nomination?
The scape goat will never be your enemy
Has to be someone you know intimately
Without the blood letting,
There is no forgetting

Death’s the price, no quarter given
Mercy appears like raindrops for the fallen
The longer I’ve existed in this space
I understand what is meant when they say Noah found grace.
Despite your indiscretions I can’t hold a grudge,
Aware of my situation I won’t be your judge

Whomever is forgiven much
Appreciates it and loves much
A redeemed soul understands such
But grace now doesn’t become a crotch
To continue as you were or take it up a notch
There must be a change in your trajectory
Not a 45 or 90, but a true 180
Cos here’s another thing about redemption
Your life is no longer your own, that was the real transaction.

Going live tomorrow on MasticadoresIndia

© Nigel Byng 2023 All Rights Reserved

3 responses to “Redemption”

  1. There is so much wisdom in this piece Nigel…i adore your choices and play up of words. The rhyming work so well too, as it lighten up the vibe of this heavily charged wisdom filled poetry.

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    1. Thank you Michelle. I think writing about faith-charged topics, in the wee hours of the morning allows for clarity and connection. So I’m glad it resonates with you. Devotional or meditation time always gives a spark of creativity. 🙏👏

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      1. I so agree with you Nigel.

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