Nigel Byng

Writing brings the world to  life. My soul, my experiences, my secrets, they all fuel the things I put on paper.

I am a freelance writer living in West Palm Beach. I observe and write about nearly everything and everyone I encounter. I have learnt that if I look at the world carefully, and long enough, I see a reflection of myself in everything. After all, we are what we put into the world.


Johnny Mc Daniels

To capture a dynamic moment with the stroke of a brush is challenging. My creative process relies so much on emotional energy, and total immersion into the characters I am depicting, that I begin to live the story.

I live with my wife and two sons in Georgia. Art was my first love, music a very close second. Now my family comes first, and they inspire my art. No experience is more immersive than being a husband and a father.

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