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Welcome to my blog. Where I share my short stories, and random thoughts about things that matter to me. I hope you enjoy.


  • Horatio Knows Nothing – Part Two
    Read Time: 5 mins | Drama |Serial Fiction | Part Two He had made little to no headway in the teacher’s lounge, asking about the celebrity murderer in his classroom. Many of his colleagues had nothing to say about Charlene Ricketts, and simply shrugged or pretended to be in disbelief. […]
  • Like Catching Droplets -Pt. 1
    Read Time: 5 mins | Young Adult | Serial Fiction | Part 1 Since I was a child, my father had dazzled me with his humor, his intelligence and of course his affection. I had come to expect nothing less from him. Every year for my birthday, he would share […]
  • Mister Keynes – Velvet Robes
    Read Time: 7 mins | Crime Drama | Serial Fiction | Part One As far as breakups go, Jasmine had been praying for this one. I sat at the restaurant waiting for him. A plain text message sent to my phone yesterday, had given me the time and place where […]
  • The Designers – Pt.3
    Read Time: 5 mins | Serial Fiction | Drama | Part 3 The best laid plans are irrelevant when a child is involved. So, I asked my best friend to pick up Angelique from school and take the kids for a play date. I had set the mood, the atmosphere […]
  • The Intruder – Pt.2
    Read Time: 7 mins | Horror | Serialized Fiction | Part Two | Part One Before sunrise, I went for my walk. The regular route would have taken me past the church, but today I wanted to avoid it. For the last three nights, I had the most vivid dreams. […]

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The purpose of this blog is to give a voice to the situations and the encounters that daily life throws at us. Everyone has a story to tell. Every story has several perspectives. The listener, the reader, the characters, the illustrator and of course the writer all experience these things differently.

I just want to tell the stories in the hope that it resonates. So that your voice, your moment, your link to the world is for that snapshot of eternity, glimpsed within the lines I write.

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